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Scholarships in Europe


Scholarships in Europe

After ten years of study in Europe, my husband took the bull by the horns and bought us a one-way ticket to Toronto. ‘We also have to make a Canadian out of our son!’ he said emphatically… When in fact he was terribly missing his ‘boys’. Meeting his high school friends was fun. But as it soon turned out, their usual topics of conversation were terribly outdated. Which gave us the chance to boast about our study and travel experiences across Europe and beyond. From the dark Nordic winters to the hot Mediterranean summers, to Paris escapes and struggles to learn Polish and German, to fieldtrips through Asia and Latin America, everything was exciting. And then, the question: How much?


Not much, I said. In fact, we managed to set some aside so that we can move back to Canada. Not in his parents’ basement, but in our own house. Of course, rented house. ‘How is that possible?’ they wondered with inquisitive eyes… SCHOLARSHIPS!!! Pause…


There are over 16 billion Euros worth of scholarships available in Europe every year, and anyone with a good education track can get them! Both EU and Non-EU students. From Erasmus Mundus Scholarships to scholarships provided by governmental organizations foundations, NGOs, or private companies, most of these scholarships do not only cover tuition (when there is one), but also living expenses. On top of that, many doctoral candidates are hired as researchers while they complete doctoral work; this means that aside from not paying tuition, their University or research centre also hires them as employees.


Also, traveling is very easy. Many study programs – especially Master’s programs are based on multiple countries. For example, the Erasmus Mundus Global Studies Program, which provides scholarships for both tuition and living costs to selected students, is offered by a transnational Consortium of Universities based in eleven different countries. Worldwide. And you, as a student, can choose to do pursue your Master studies at at least two of these Universities.  Moreover, there are plenty of student networks and organizations – such as AEGEE – through which students from different countries get together and travel throughout Europe at a very low cost.



Now, to be fair, getting these scholarships is not always easy. It depends on your nationality – and if you have a EU passport, Hurray!!! – on your grades, on your research project, on the program, and many other things. But with the right guidance, such as the guidance offered by KleverScapes, your chances are much higher.

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